●Pfarford International Logistic has the authority of the permission from the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, owns the right of first class international forwarder with the 5 million RMB registered capital. We have owned complete international dealer net in purpose of providing the best service of the global shipping and air logistic service. Now we have branches both in Ningbo and Yiwu.

●Our company provides the service of the sea shipping DDU, sea shipping DDP, Air shipping DDU, air shipping DDP and other services for all the international customers. Our service provides the additional value to your goods and makes your more competitive.

●Our company has the price advantage on the shipping lines on East Asia, North-south Asia, India and the red sea, could provide the customer more favorable quotation.

●Our company owns high efficiency container transfer trucks, providing transportation for export/import cargos and the service for the Yangtze River Delta customers.

●Our company provides the careful service and simplifies your transportation work.

●Our company provides the most efficiency service and most careful for each cargo of each customer. Our purpose is to arrival the destination safely

Sea/Air Transportation

Sea/Air Transportation:
Pfarford International Logistic is a professional shipping company, provides the overall logistic service and professional knowledge.

Cargo Tracing service:
We use the strict tracing system to follow up each cargo of our customers both by sea and air.

Custom Declare / Clearance Service:
We provides the custom declare / clearance service by Internet with low cost

Global DDU/DDP:
Pfarford International Logistic has complete global dealer service net, providing professional door to door service.

Duty refund service:
Our company provides duty refund for the companies don't have export/import authorization.

Transportation Insurance service:
Our company provides the complete transportation insurance service with the cooperation with the trustful insurance company to lower the risk from the customers.

Container trucks transportation service

Our company owns our own container trucks service, providing the Yangtze River Delta transportation service and ensure the on-time transportation and high efficiency of cargo transportation to the board.

Contact Information

Ningbo Pfarford International Logistic Co., LTD.
Address: Room 1211, Hualian building, No. 55, Dongdu Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang ,China.
Contact Phone No.: 0574-89087286 Fax No.: 0574-89087289
General Manager: Mr. jimmy.pan